Creating a distinctive design in your dwelling that is tasteful, personalized and is considered to have aesthetic value is one impetus that interior designers keep turning inspirations to the real. Thanks to their great efforts, there appear endless decoration options to the interior fashion of any space. The application of glass mosaic wall art is one of the options that you can choose from to enhance style while making good use of an artwork that is delicately handmade by skillful craftsmen. Realizing different styles of mosaic art patterns is important because it can help you to find a specific view for interior decorating of your home. In this article MM-Mosaic is going to show you 5 examples of glass mosaic tile murals that respectively get inspirations from plants and flowers, animals, stream of consciousness, abstractionism and religion.            

Glass mosaic tile art is about small regular or irregular broken glass tile chips combing together to form an artistic pattern, which allows mosaic artists a wide scope of choices. Glass tiles have the highest reflective feature among the others, which make glass tile murals a great decor for walls opposite windows and doors where ambient light can come in. Also, they are water proof, making them ideal for kitchen, bathroom and any other wet rooms. This kind of art form can trace back to the medieval ages and at that time it was just limited in religious sites like churches and temples. Today, glass mosaic art have altered a lot as the technique develops and market grows and have been universally used in different occasions. Some even are renovated with piecing other materials to create various effects. Its application in contemporary has expended to residential use with artistic elements integrating into the surrounding.         

Plants and Flowers is recognized a good theme for mosaic art creation. Most finished works we can see in the market focus on zooming in details to achieve the most vivid effect. It means craftsmen must be observant and very careful to the placement of colored chips in different grades. What they create are not just products but artworks, by using their sharp eyes and fine hands. Glass tile wall art below named Blooming Tulips is no exception. It looks as if time has stopped for its beauty and allows it to bloom forever. You can even feel the thickness of the petals and how they remain in mid air elegantly. It has to say that to decorate with such a lifelike mosaic, any places will be highlighted dramatically.       

glass tile wall art for reception room.jpg

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Animals is another popular design theme of mosaic art. Lion, tiger, antelope and other wild animals are usually chosen. Mosaic below called Peacock Feather is one of the examples. It is a pattern of three peacock feathers interlacing. Red, yellow, green, blue and black chips in different grades of color piece in the right place, which is the focal step to add vividness. Also, it is smart to place the mosaic beside a bookcase and leave a inward room so that it can be shown up entirely. Some other wall murals animals are not only great for artistic decoration but also for the manifestation of religious belief. For example, merchants often take it as a mascot or totem to ensure good luck in business.

mosaic wall murals for interior decorating.jpg

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Stream of consciousness, it might remind you of a literary form, but here doesn’t refer to the same thing. The reason why we take this word is that we want to emphasize there is also a similar art form in mosaic mural creation, that is, transforming reality to fancy in a certain mode of thinking. It means real things in the existing world are interpreted into a specific image and different people have different views on it. For instance, what do you see from the two glass mosaic wall art listed below? You may say the first flowing river or waving sea, and you may call the second a scaled up snail sleeping beside a river or whatever you see in your eyes. It all depends on your perspective.  

wavy pattern glass mosaic wall art for bathroom.jpg

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office working place commercial use mosaic wall art.jpg

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Abstractionism is the art form that Picasso mastered well and made it a famous in his time. Up to now, it still has a charm among the mass. Mosaic art is no exception. You can see many exclusive features of abstractionism in the following mosaic work named Smiling Lady – rough outline, exaggerating details, contrasting colors and subjective expression. You must be surprising at the stunning result that simple lines have produced. It is exactly the magic of abstractionism. Decorating interiors with such a mosaic artwork will really improve the artistic style. Restaurant, coffee house, fashion shop are the best application occasions.

mosaic artwork for commercial use cateen fashion shop restaurant.jpg

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Religion related pattern has a market demand too. The mosaic called Mandalas is one of our customized mosaic art for sale. The pattern is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe and has a meaning of bringing luck, happiness and wisdom. Embellishing house with such a religious art is not only stylish but also meaningful. More particularly, our customer used it for swimming pool decoration. It provides us a new inspiration that the applications of glass mosaic art are not limited. 

swimming pool mosaic art for sale.jpg

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If you are also interested in a unique look for your dwelling, then considering glass mosaic art may give you another style option of home decorating. It is an art form that has been experimented throughout time and popular for its multiple expression in art and religion. Welcome to contact MM-Mosaic, an art mosaic company that provides customized service and products of tile mosaic mural, ceramic/porcelain mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles and other related tiles.