People don’t often think their varied scenes of life as spaces to be decorated with dramatic, bold colored mosaic tiles. But this deserves your reconsideration: if used properly, gayer mosaic tiles will make the space, smaller or bigger, much more memorable. Besides, it is supposed to be noticed that you have to understand color assortment well to avoid messy design, for dramatic colors belong to the part of palette that you will feel hard to master.    

Choosing dramatic mosaic tile is as simple as picking up from colors and patterns that attract you. Bold things tend to be jaded to eyes. You need to make sure the tile being appreciated in a long period. Avoid impulsive choices, otherwise it is costly to ask installer for a replacement since everything is settled. Once you’ve chosen your tile, partner with a paint color that matches the tile well. You can opt for a neutral if you don’t want other colors steal the show, or a contrasting to create exotic, glamorous space. If you’re going to use one more tile in the space, choose those that have pure color and no pattern, like white, beige, grey subway tile, for example. In this way, other tiles won’t conflict with the one you want to emphasize. Get ready to meet six interior designs with dramatic, bold mosaic tile choices? They are hand picked by our design team. Let’s start and see which will inspire you most.

At this example of a chic living room, you can cover your wall thoroughly with bold penny mosaic. Why say it bold? The tile is small round, ice cracked, blue white mixed, which combine perfect and will exert great effect to the space. In fact, putting mosaic on wall as a covering rather than painting it has been consider a bold way to level up the space. If you’re going bolder, choose fresh, bright option will help you achieve a prominent style. Of course, that should be fit with your furniture, hanging decoration and other design elements.

living room penny mosaic wall.jpg

ice crackled blue white round mosaic.jpg

penny mosaic blue white blend CZO026A

In this bar, we’re looking at the counter front, which is bold choice of tile shape and profound vermillion color with dots. The color of the mosaic tile is unusual, and using just a simple long strip shape is actually making maximum effect on the design. Overall speaking, the bar is set warm tone, like from flamingo wallpaper, pink background behind wine cabinet and many light balls you can see, the atmosphere is squiffy, lethargic, on the good side. The vermillion strip tile mosaic, without doubt, becomes the focal point of the bar design, mesmerizing passing customers. 

bar counter front decorated with strip porcelain mosaic.jpg

vermillion decorative strip mosaic porcelain made.jpg

vermillion porcelain strip tile mosaic CZO401Z

Not only is a kitchen decorated with unique design tile tremendously dramatic on its own, but this simple space features a breath-taking trapezoidal mosaic tile that outstands the backsplash and complements with white wall, white cabinet and white counter table. The variegated grey brings some beautiful shades and movements. Trapezoidal tiles combine with a mesh on back in a specific arrangement result in an unparalleled pattern that you can’t find often in local stores. MM-Mosaic welcome online order for you residential or commercial project.

gradient grey kitchen mosaic backsplash.jpg

trapezoid design porcelain mosaic tile.jpg

light grey trapezoid porcelain mosaic CZO973A

Accent walls are an excellent way to express your style with bold mosaic tile. Take this design original from using triangle mosaic behind the headboard. The special triangle mosaic in cobalt blue and glazed surface bring the beauty and depth of the ocean together with intricate geometric lines and fambe effect craft. Against a grey headboard and a wooden night table, this make you feel satisfied with the final look.

navy blue mosaic tile bedroom wall.jpg

cobalt blue triangle porcelain mosaic.jpg

navy blue mosaic tile for bedroom CZO657A

This beautiful corner mixes the warm tones of pink flamingo wall painting and pink wooden recliner with the dramatic ice crackled fish scale mosaic tile in grey color. This turns this wall into a focus area for the corner, and adds interesting element. Mosaic tiles themselves feature dramatic effect because of material, color and pattern. They are top recommended choices to upgrade atmosphere and make your living places filled with artistic aura. Just a simple click, you’re able to acquire hundreds of thousands of dramatic mosaic tile designs online, especially you will find lots at social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc

grey fish scale mosaic tile wall.jpg

fan shape porcelain mosaic tile.jpg

grey fish scale tile for sale CZB319X

Retro and dramatic, this grayish green irregular mosaic tile paired with white floor cabinet, shows that what you can do with color scheme. Upper part of the kitchen design is green based, if the lower use dark colors, it will be tedious. And why the tile should be glossy? Glazed surface not only keeps water and stains penetrating into the porcelain, but also gives a glittering effect to the space. This shape of tile is very close to shield, which is delicate and Moroccan styled. Choose natural color in a darker shade is popular in house decorating. It is always good to get inspirations from nature and make the best of its original essence.  

greyish green kitchen backsplash.jpg

dark green moroccan style mosaic tile.jpg

grayish green porcelain backsplash mosaic CZG702Z

Dramatic mosaic tiles should not be flash on the pan. They have got unparalleled charm, which helps them win hearts of house owners and makes sure they won’t be lagged behind in the list of top mosaic tile options that people want to buy for their real estates. MM-Mosaic is where you can get those popular dramatic mosaic tiles. Visit us today and leave message for a quick quote. We’re a premium mosaics tile company and experienced in offering professional solution and service.