If you thought stone veneer was just for exterior wall decoration then you only know half the story. Artificial stone veneer is a decorative product that is great for retaining walls, fireplaces, interior wall coverings, as well as any facades outside the building. This stone is so versatile and easy to maintain that you could probably install it in many unexpected spaces, such as area around the kitchen counter, outdoor panel behind the couch, etc. In this article, MM-Mosaic is going to take you find those unlimited possibilities and get inspired for more innovative applications of imitation stone cladding.   


Various Applications, Many Options to Select From

Stone veneer can be both used on exterior and interior facades of your house, either single wall or throughout the building and room. It is a much durable and lifelike alternative to the flexible types like wallpaper and paint. That means you don’t have to rework it after a long period of time. Stone veneer has a timeless charm that can embellish your house in a way of undated rusticity. What’s more, manufactured stone veneer is lighter than the real in weight since it is mostly made of cement and dyed in required colors. That is to say, compared with the real marble, granite, ledge and other kinds of stone, it is a more cost effective choice that could be highly adaptive to any architectural style you want to create. The application scope is not restricted merely in residential places like hallway, reception room, kitchen and study, and commercial places like lobby in the hotel and landscape in the themed park.     

manufactured stone veneer panels for exterior wall decoration.jpg

Manufactured Stone Veneer Panels OZO047YM

dark brown exterior manufactured stone veneer.jpg

Use Manufactured Stacked Stone for Interior Decorating

If you happen to have a themed restaurant and plan to design it in original style that differentiate yours from the other competitors, cultured stone panels is one of the choices that meet your appetite. You might probably worry the stone panel, if installed beside the area where customers are sitting in, will lower the dinning atmosphere because the facade looks rough that customers are likely to get a first impression that it is a dirty wall. However, it is not utterly true. An inornate wall is a design element that really brings an old-world touch to your commercial property. 

restaurant rustic wal decoration cultured stone veneer.jpg

Earthy Yellow Cultured Stone Veneer OZO054YM

yellowish cement made manufactured cultured stone panels.jpg

themed restaurant cultured stacked stone veneer.jpg

Cultured Stacked Stone Veneer OZO040YM

premitive styled free matching cultured stacked stone.jpg

The reception counter and open kitchen is applicable to the same rule. Just as the design shown below, the teahouse has embraced stacked stone veneer panels on the sidewall where customers would not find at the first glance until they come inside the shop. So when they find this, it will become a highlight of the integral decorating and make a unforgettable impression.   

stacked stone wall installed beside to decorate the teahouse reception area.jpg

Pale Yellow Stacked Stone Wall OZO064YM

light yellow artificial stacked stone veneer panels.jpg

Fireplace is always the best occasion to use precast stone veneer because it is just born to original design. Also, fireplace is in high temperature when open, so the surrounding decors need to be made of heat resistant material. Concrete stone meet the requirement of standing the intense heat of fire.

antique style precast stone fireplace wall in a villa.jpg

Concrete Made Precast Stone Veneer OZO036YM

yellowish brown precast stone veneer for fireplace decoration.jpg

Use Artificial Stone Cladding for Outward Appearance

Installing stone veneers for exterior walls of the building is a common application. It is especially universal in the construction of cottage, theme park, hotel, etc. By using this either on the lower half of a wall or the whole front of the architecture, the buildings will be added with a level of sophistication and charm. Furthermore, it is an upgrade to simplicity, class and distinction that can be catching up with those upscale houses. Give your property the same primitive appeal with long lasting, wear resistant and cozy looking stone veneer this new year, you won’t be disappointed. 

cottage style stone exterior house surrounded by a beautiful landscape.jpg

Grey-brown Exterior Rock Veneer OZO006YM

various sized brick like exterior rock veneer for exterior walls.jpg

use stone veneer to decorate house exterior partly.jpg

manufactured stone facade for houses exterior.jpg

Emulational Exterior Stone Veneer Products OZO029YM

multiple-sized exterior stone veneer products.jpg

There are many benefits to apply manufactured stone-handy installing, easy maintaining, durable and free in the choice of colors and sizes. Welcome to visit MM-Mosaic http://www.mm-mosaic.com, one of a wall and floor tile & stone cladding suppliers in China, for more designs of stone cladding that will improve the appearance of your home inside and out, and with an economical budget. Artificial stone, a trendy choice for the construction of a new house or a renovation project.