Perhaps mosaic tiles is the most creative way to give a new look to one’s shower. Most shower cabinets are made of crystal glass and the overall look of bathroom needs some delicate embellishment to improve. It is mosaic tiles that often work well to satisfy the needs. There is a great variety of shower tile in the market from the common machine-printed to the stunning handmade relief designs. Mosaic tile endows remarkable feature to the shower with its wide options of material, pattern, shape and color.

Ceramic/porcelain tiles are the most common decoration used to enhance shower. They can come in any type and shape: those are on the floor, wall and the edging of mirror; square, rectangular, round, hexagon and other irregular shapes. And shower tile border enjoys the highest popularity among shower owners when asked what do they want to add to remodel the shower that is gorgeous and most cost-efficient. They’re made of durable materials and often cover with a think layer of glaze so they feature in moist-resistant and anti-corrosion. Besides, they also give distinctive style to your bathroom. You’re also free to use other mosaic shower tile like stone, glass or marble decor to take on an entirely new look. Also, they have numerous price ranges due to diverse materials and designs so that they can meet the needs of any builders who want to plan within their budget.

bathroom matte black flooring and matte white wall.jpg

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matte white hexagon mosaic tile CZM219Y


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matte black square mosaic tile CMM301BT


Consulting local stores is essential before buying and installing the tiles as they will recommend the most suitable tiles for your bathroom. Apart from that, grout is equally crucial in the overall design of shower wall & floor decoration. It ranges in various color options in order to match the tiling design well, hence it is vital to adopt the right grout based on the color of mosaic tiles and the style you want to have. The style of your bathroom can be neat or luxurious relying on your choice.

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blue white small hexagon mosaic tile CZO020Y


Particular patterns can be consisted by bringing tiles of different style, texture and color together. However, there is one more thing you should keep in mind: be sure that the ones you blend have the same thickness or else it will result in a bad effect. Mixing tiles of different materials is the trendy design with which you’re able to add personalized details to the shower that reflects your taste.

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glaze black triangle mosaic tile CZG103C


What’s more, the shape of tile that is used to embellish your bathroom is without limitation. In other words, you aren’t restricted by the tradition that people usually use square ones rather than any other options of shape. You can play your imagination to create a bathroom that outstands by using any shape of tiles.

It is true that light colored tiles create the illusion of space for your bathroom. Such are best for small spaces. For big bathrooms, however, you can change its look by mixing two or three shades. You can make a mosaic using dark and light-colored ones or you can simply combine natural colors like green and blue.


Mosaic tiles have many positive traits such as durability, versatility and flexibility. Get the most trendy mosaic tiles for bathroom from MM-Mosaic, who is devoting to premium mosaic tile supply for over 10 years.