Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-
  • Hex Glass BGZ030-

Hex Glass BGZ030

  • Swimming pool mosaic tiles for sale

  • Small hexagon mesh backing glass tile

  • Charming interlaced gradient blue shades

  • Totally 8 color options, random patterns

  • Made of durable & water resistant glass

  • Great as swimming pool finish, anti slip

  • Also suitable for interior wall & floor decoration

  • Chip Size: 25x25mm; Sheet Size: 270x286mm

  • Gap: 1.0mm; Thickness: 6.0mm

  • 14Sheets/1.08SQM/Carton

  • 90Cartons/Pallet, 20Pallets/Container

  • 12.34kg/Carton, 1135.60kg/Pallet

  • Carton Size: 33.5x33.5x9.0cm

  • Pallet Size: 105.0x105.0cm

  • Sample available for quality check

  • Manufacturer: MM-Mosaic

Swimming pool tiles can be more than little square pieces with mesh on back. Random patterns, 1 inch hex shape and translucent blue glass surface combine this fabulous pool tile mosaics. It is long lasting and water resistant, which add feature and practicability to wet places. This mosaic tile can be used as shower flooring as well. CONTACT US NOW FOR FREE QUOTE.

Model NumberBGZ030
ColorDark blue
Chip ShapeHexagon
Chip Size25x25mm
Sheet Size270x286mm
Selling PointThe patterned glass surface

  • Is it possible to get samples of the following two tile styles: Hex Glass BGZ030 and Hexagon GZO601Q? If so, can they be sent to: R. Heyke, 1108 Merril St., Winnetka, IL 60093 USA. I also need to know how to pay you for the samples. Thank you.

    2019-06-28 12:57:41