Some trends never become outdated, and art decor has to be one of them. Simple, modern, dramatic and elegant, art decor could be all design embodiments, and is versatile that can be integrated into any space you want. Mosaic tile is regarded as a prominent form of art decor. Without spending much money, you can add flavor and taste in the dinning space, bedroom, living room and even outdoors like garden. If we have aroused your interest, read on this passage for a handy guide to decorate your living space artistically with mosaic tiles.   

Arabesque lantern shape has gained overwhelming popularity in tile design. You may have seen many in home decoration. There are mainly big lanterns and small lanterns – big lantern is emphasizing on its fluent outline while small lantern takes focus on showing its delicate size. It is common that designers incorporate many different surface treatments into lantern shaped design, so you can see fambe effect lantern tile, ice cracked arabesque shaped tile, plain glazed lantern shape tile, etc when you are wandering in the local tile shop. Lantern mosaic tiles in pure color are preferred by house owners, as they are not stealing the show compared with those in luxury pattern.  

living room using lantern tile for wall decoration.jpg

glaze arabesque decorative tile.jpg

off white arabesque lantern shaped tile CZG911X

Moroccan fan shape is a charming tile design that can create art decor feel as well. The elegant tile shape is the biggest selling point, which is also why so many people love it and would very like to install it in their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Fan shaped mosaic tiles have unimaginable magic to brighten the space, especially for those have cracked finish and glazed coat, which means they are friendly to both ambient light and artificial light. If you pick the glossy type, it is suggested installing them in kitchen or bathroom where there is light penetrating. However, if you are loyal to pure colored type, the attached beige fan shape mosaic tile is a good choice. Vivid and concise lines of fan shape will make the wall filled with aesthetic taste.   

ceramic fan shape mosaic tile wall.jpg

ceramic fan shaped mosaic tile sheet.jpg

pure colored fan shaped mosaic tile CZG352X

Kitchen backsplash is considered the most common part in the house that can show the best beauty of mosaic tile. It is a small-size part but makes a great impact on the overall look of the kitchen, so when people have a remodeling plan for their kitchen, the first part they want to make a change is often backsplash. Backsplash is a small area that is usually above the oven, acting as the zone of transition between ventilator and cooking platform. If your kitchen is small, decorative tile strips can make it a great difference undoubtedly. Install strip mosaic tiles vertically you will get a “higher” kitchen. That benefits from the upward long tile strips. If installed horizontally, just as the following picture shows, the white strip mosaic tiles stretch the kitchen and make it spacious visually.       

strip mosaic tile kitchen backsplash.jpg

glazed strip mosaic tile sheet.jpg

glaze random length decorative tile strips CZG212HA

Matching different shades of color block is an ingenious way to create art decor feel. We often see in museum a big picture in various colors hanging on a plain wall. That undoubtedly becomes a remarkable part that catches people’s eyes. You can get inspiration from it too. Using mosaic tiles that are designed in mixed colors can absolutely promote the atmosphere. For example, you can install mosaic tile art that is contrasting color mixed in recreation room. It is good to develop kids’ vision and creation. In dinning space, as picture attached below, a hexagon mosaic wall is fine. Combined with three shades of blue and white hexagon chips, the mosaic tile is distinctive. When you install it on, you will not think the design is abrupt. It is perfectly blended in the area and can enhance the mood of eating to some extent.  

hexagon mosaic tile wall for dinning space.jpg

mixed three shades of blue and white hexagon mosaic tile.jpg

mixed blue white hexagon mosaic tile CZG061Y

Tile designers are endeavoring to seek for more creative elements for tile design. Geometric pattern is one of them. Though they are simple and basic, they can achieve unexpected visual results if used properly. As the attached arrow design mosaic tile shows, it works out the best modern style on the wall. Many black and white rhombus ceramic chips putting together in a specific arrangement is the way to get this design. Simple but profound, don’t you think? We can’t help to feel amazed at the final look of this combination, and it looks marvelous on wall too. It is contemporary house decoration can’t miss, to be honest.    

black and white rhombus feature wall.jpg

arrow design black white mosaic wall tile.jpg

black white geometry rhombus mosaic tile CZG057ML

By reading this passage, you may have known that art decor feel is readily available just by doing a little more on tile selection. Visit MM-Mosaic, a premium mosaic tile company, to get more tips about how to choose the best suitable tile that can add art decor feel to your house. Sample available here. We would so happy to hear your story.