wedding dress store with pink kit kat tiles

What better way to bring in the week of Valentine's Day than sharing our awesome project at Vietnam Wedding Dress Shop - L’ amour Bridal? Three of our favorite elements were brought together with this wedding dress shop decoration: Charming finger mosaic tiles, dreamy Pink Palette, and wedding dress! The creative mixture of pink color brings the romantic vibes that every couple who is ready to get married gets to experience when they walk in the door. From this project, we were so glad enough to share some insights of the shop interior designer and show this shop to more loves!

finger stackbond mosaic in wedding dress shop


The inspirations of the wedding dress shop were born when the owner watched countless brides trying on their wedding dresses in the cramped fitting room and saw many wedding dress shops without romance atmosphere. Therefore, the owner decided to open a pink tones store with a wide-fitting room and wedding dress display rack. From early design conversations with the client, we were attracted by these ideas and he said that being a stylish wedding dress shop owner is more than creating the perfect space for each couple, the most important is telling them what's love and how to feel love through this romance design.

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interior design store with pink mosaic

The Space

One of our favorite features of this new shop space is the reception desk. The unique pink finger stack bond accent wall and the imaginative table design made it an outstanding space of inspiration. Instead of putting a hidebound reception table, this desk is made of pink porcelain mosaics and marble countertop, which we think is a perfect backdrop for our premium tile factory!

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pink porcelain mosaic tiles in commercial space

Why Pink? Why Stackbond Shape?

We all love this dreamy palette and Stackbond to this space and want to mix them with our beloved mosaic tile. We landed on a 12x92mm finger stack bond in a tiled way, which is both a wonderful and classic design to lay out a tile pattern. For the color, we chose pure light pink, this way there was a fambe surface and dreamlike color to complement the pure white wedding dress in the shop.

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12x92 Premium Glazed Finger Stackbond Mosaic Tile

Featured Product: 12x92 Premium Glazed Finger Stackbond Mosaic Tile Collection

Installing Process

Our porcelain mosaic tile comes on a back meshed design for easy installation. We were so surprised that they were finished the installation. We love knowing that the special extra back design we take in making our mosaic tile help any workers get the job done!

Our tile makers take into consideration how the whole layout will look perfectly when making each sheet. Our 12x92 Finger Stackbond glaze has a fascinating variation in its color. The mosaic tile maker makes sure to layout these tiles in a way that shows a beautiful display of this surface fambe variation.

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Mosaic Tile Installation Process

The Result

This wedding dress store turned out absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t be more pleased. The pink space paired together well with a custom ceiling light and greenery. Our reception space now enhances the high quality of our tile and creates a romantic space to welcome each couple, and makes more people feel the glamour of this pink mosaic! If you are in the Vietnam area, please feel free to visit this shop and share your ideas about this project!

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wedding dress shop with pink mosaic tiles

Some Useful Tips From This Shop Owner:

1. Putting Your Brand In A Prominent Position

It’s a great way to make your customer remember your brand and share it with their friends, so you will get more customers.

2. Warm Vibes and Romance Ceiling Light Design

You can just install the special ceiling light, such as flower shape, branch shape, as well as warm vibes hue, which will enliven your shop.

3. Mirror Is Also Important!

Oversized mirrors are always a perfect thing to be installed in the wedding dress shop. If the space is big enough, why not install more angles mirrors to offer multiple views.

4. Showing The Professional Aspect Of Your Shop

Utilizing the little things, such as a veil, glove, and jewelry, to fill your empty space.

5. Don’t Forget To Place The Cozy Furniture

Remember that you are getting your clients to stay long enough to try the wedding dress. Therefore, the responsibility of the shop owner is to keep them comfortable and the good way is to place the comfortable bong bench.

6. Some Greenery May Good!

Greenery plant brings the natural atmosphere and let someone down, it’s a great idea to put some in your shop.

7. Displaying The Welcomed Wedding Dress!

Why not try to variate the displays regularly so as to retain an interest in your store? People always like new things.

Make sure that you can also consider various styles of curtains to match each new season within your budget, which will make your shop look fresh and new. Meanwhile, you should keep your wedding dress shop clean all the time and make sure that the shop looks dust-free.

Get Inspired?

Did this wedding dress shop inspire your future commercial projects? If you’re interested in our premium tile, don’t hesitate to contact us to order tile samples to feel the real touch in person! As wholesale tile suppliers, MM-Mosaic will share more stylish projects and trendy interior designs for our readers. Let’s look forward to our next project!