While we found this versatile mosaic arrangement mode with our designer, we didn’t know how many interesting home and commercial projects it would come to appear. This wave mode of fish scale mosaic has since taken the interior design zone by storm. From showers, kitchen backsplashes, to swimming pool perimeter walls, to commercial stores or restaurants. Recently, we have received our Vietnam customer’s store project feedback, which has mixed different style fan-shaped mosaic with a characteristic twist. Keep reading on to know more stylish mosaic designs inspired by this stunning store!

The Bold Inspiration

These creative ideas came from our invigorating wavy and bright color scheme we designed together with our customer. Here are some critical elements to this imaginative store that have together proven to bring a number of seriously amazing creativeness.

1. The Running Stream

These “stream” of fish scale mosaics beginning at the base of the stair background and visually flowing up with the raising of stairs had promptly become our customer favorite. The stunning crackle surface and glaze palettes are a blend of our most welcome natural color: refreshing sky blue, popular Starbucks green and modest matte white. When these colors are mixed and becoming true, we have seen this vivid wave pattern attractively utilize with other colors as well.

the stair background walls are mixed mosaic tiles

2. Free Mixed Palette

This design was one of our customer-first store projects to experiment with the different color mosaic mix for the wall, which brings an extra sense of depth that creates the whole store look like an aesthetic art. The way the graphic sense of fish scale mosaic faultlessly fits into the original monotonous wall is astonishing and spectacular.

3. Natural Untrimmed Edges

Last but certainly not least, the natural edges at the top of the mosaic tile wall were designed to reflecting sunlight from the transparent ceiling and giving the guest a sparkling vision. How adventuresome appearance it creates! Completely unique and individual inspiration is suitable for your home and commercial space. More fish scale mosaic laying way in this post: Fantastic Uneven Fish-scale Porcelain Mosaic >>>

good price fish scale tile for sale

4. Make a Statement

Can you imagine that the lifelike flowing wave runs beside you while you walking into this store? This unparalleled design has a multicolored, blue-colored sky hue of the fan-shaped tiles that flows in the pure white wall, which combines well with the warm yellow light. It creates this atmosphere just like saying that “ Coming into our world” to remind everyone that they will be gracious hospitality. What’s more, the distinctive transparent geometric design sense of doors, windows, and ceilings are adding additional advanced design sense.

5. Utilize Your Infinite Imagination

But there are moments more is better than less. This statement is true just like these store design shows. Instead of traditional monochrome placement covering the wall, our customer has chosen the innovative blending method and make the majority of the crackle fish scale tiles with dramatic tones. Instead of setting borders on the dramatic waves, these design completely allows the wave to remain the original shape.

mixed up mosaic commercial.jpg

Get any inspirations?

Contact us for samples to touch! We believe you will fall in love with our exquisite fish scale mosaic. We’ve prepared a few imaginative color scheme and wishfully our mosaic design inspirations can bring some useful ideas for your home or commercial projects. Why not share your plan with MM-Mosaic now!