Hexagon tile has an unique shape and it is enough vintage to blend into design. No matter old home or new home, hexagon tile is a great fit for interior decoration. With the applying of this tile, it will increase the comfortable and cozy environment. Today we are going to introduce our new style long hexagon mosaic tile, with an unique look like egg tart.


egg tart porcelain mosaic hexagon tile CZO949Y .jpg

Featured product: egg tart porcelain mosaic hexagon tile CZO949Y

If you prefer this tile pattern for interior decoration, why not know more details about this long hexagon ceramic. Shiny glazed surface is outstanding for its beveled edge, which makes the tile elegant. The color is silver strand with fambe effect, which make the surface special and unique. Made from high quality porcelain, these tiles are durable and wear-resistant. Meanwhile, with high mould-proof and low water absorption rate, It can level up your home after installation. Following are some fantastic ideas for you to decorate your home smartly.


Create a modern style for living space

Mosaic tile in silver strand color will be the most popular choice for living room decoration, which can easily lighten up and renew your home. Adding elegant and beautiful look to space can easily improve your home style. Take good use of your decoration and don’t let it out of fashion. Imagining you can tile your living room with it to make the harmoniously vibe of your living room. Installing sliver strand long hexagon mosaic tiles to your living room, it build comfortable environment as below.

mosaic hexagon tiles for modern living space.jpg


Dress up a characteristic wall

The mosaic tile in beautiful sliver strand color would be stylish choice for you to decorate your wall. You can imagine the beauty of this tile will make. Example as below, it renew the whole space with tiling beveled hexagon ceramic, the wall will be in fashion appearance and function, and building an comfortable and relaxing vibe. Look at the space as below.

Dress up a characteristic wall with hexgaon ceramic mosaic.jpg


Optional Color

There are various colors to fit for different home decoration, including silver strand, realist beige, balance beige, medium gray and dust gray. If you are desire these tiles, contact with us to negotiate with competitive price. Sample will be provided as required.

egg tart long hexagon mosaic tile optional colors.jpg

hexagon mosaic tile backsplash CZO949Y.jpg

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