Glass Mosaic tiles are not only always a prevalent interior design trend, but also keep to stay here for the long term. With so many households look for a material to give their own unique touch to living spaces, glass mosaic might become a prevailing solution to customize a room.

Why we suggest you considering it? Glass tiles are also called crystal mosaic tiles glass, which is available in an almost endless array of sizes, textures, and tones. Therefore, it can be installed in mix color sheets as well as mix stainless steel. Due to the high demand and tolerably continuous range of options, the decor budget of mosaic tiles has also been thoroughly reduced when compared to their original cost. Generally speaking, the price of glass mosaics are between $20-$30 per square foot, and they are usually be mounted on mesh backed sheet, which makes you easy to calculate how much you need. 

exquisite glass mix stainless steel mosaic tile

Featured Product: Linear glass mix stainless steel mosaic tile HZO002M1

high-temperature glass mosaic details

Comparing to similar materials like stone or wood, glass mosaic has a few remarkable strengths. One of the most prominent advantages is that non-porous, which means any liquid won’t be absorbed. Moreover, non-porous makes them hard to stain and easy to clean even if something splashes on it. Another endearing advantage is that it reflects light. Unlike other materials that absorb daylight, glass mosaic makes a dark kitchen appear brighter and larger.

linear glass mix stainless steel msoaic used as backsplash

As previously mentioned, glass mosaics are available in various combinations of designs. Nevertheless, there are certain recent prominent trends that have been occupying a position in the world of glass mosaics. Linear random wooden pattern with thin and long strips of glass mosaics are popular right now. In addition to this, glass and stainless steel mixes are becoming a heated item, the attractiveness and cleanliness of glass strips mixed with the excellent natural wooden patterns and rose gold color of stainless steel is a welcome contrast that is finding its way into a different house.

linear glass mix stainless steel msoaic used as backsplash

After understanding the advantages of glass mosaic, why not give up your monotonous backsplash? What mentioned above is that the latest backsplash tiles materials are non-porous, which makes it a perfect material for using in the kitchen, particularly behind the stove. Whereas, low maintenance is only half of the merit. With stainless steel elements are integrating into modern kitchens, keeping on considering the same materials on your backsplash is a great way to combine your kitchen together.

Moreover, Ink-jet wooden glass mosaic tile might also appeal to you and more ideas visit: Style Collection: Warm Ink-Jet Wooden Glass Strip Mosaic Tile

bathroom mosaic tile

Remember, linear glass mix stainless steel mosaic tiles are not just for the backsplash! The possibilities are endless! Whether you are doing a whole tile installation or just need a stylish tile accent, this mosaic will enhance your wall decor with this bold combining a wide variety of materials with delicate wood tones. It not only mixes linear brushed stainless steel and lifelike wood surface with high-temperature ink-jet technology but the vimineous and large strips of glass mosaic in white and dark brown, which bring different visual effects. What’s more, the undulating surface is like the surface of culture stone, creating you a very textured feeling.

Here are four different styles of linear glass mix stainless steel mosaic for your different style space, contact us for high-end samples now!


1566316921366346.jpg   1566316921331414.jpg   1566316921449226.jpg    1566316922397005.jpg

NO.1 Ink-Jet HZO001M1    NO.2 Ink-Jet HZO002M1    NO.3 Ink-Jet HZO003M1    NO.4 Ink-Jet HZO004M1

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