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There is just something about stylish interior space, just like the below design show, that makes someone never want to leave the cozy home. A lot of choices go into creating a stylish space, but there are a few interior design tips of elongated hexagon wall tiles, which can help you get the most out of every room in your space.

Sometimes, a little color, a subtle pattern, and a bit of individuality can make a world difference in your home. Read on our ideas to make your home more trendy:

Focus on Pattern and Shape

Though we’re big fans of classic hexagon shape and glazed finish, there’s something about a splash of bold tile that makes a room feel like it’s right out of fashion magazine spread. This new arrival elongated hexagon porcelain mosaic tile is minimalist and cozy, but the pops of ice crackle mix glossy finish take it to the next level. From your kitchen backsplash to your living room, creative tile is an easy addition to every room in your home, and one that will make it feel instantly refreshing and contemporary. More beautiful hexagon tiles here >>>

ice crackle mix glossy picket mosaic tile

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Sprinkle It in Some Greenery

If you ask any interior designer, you might get a similar answer that the easy way to beautify a kitchen is to install a durable backsplash and add greenery or florals. This cozy kitchen is classy on its own, but the two green plants really pull the look together. By the way, filling the empty corners in your house with some lovely greenery to give every space a designer’s touch.

elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Let It Embrace The Natural Light

Few people know that natural light can make every space feel calming and open. Whether you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of natural light or you have to live with less natural exposures, never neglect your windows. Finding the right wall materials for your living room can transform the look. What’ more, if you want to make your home look bigger, choosing a bright and vivid accent wall tile is the key point. Installing our tiles are an easy job due to the mesh-back design, which is a beautiful way to make space feel larger and lighter. This living room from our designer is the best example of just how much mirrors can really contribute. Installing a brighten accent wall by the window so that it can reflect the natural light can allow the space to look larger. Check out our blog to know about how to tile the accent wall with porcelain mosaic >>>

interior design living room with mosaic tile

Get Any Ideas?

Have you got any inspirations of these exquisite elongated hexagon tile? Order some tile examples to see and touch, maybe you will fall in love with our tiles! We’re so glad to hear your future renovation or decor projects and let’s share with us!