As a matter of fact, it needn’t to physically increase square footage to make your small apartment live larger than its actual dimensions. Strategic color choices, thoughtfully selected special furniture and professionally designed high-end surfaces visually expand the tiniest of home. While creatively installing on the wall, kitchen backsplash and so on, our blue porcelain tile has the ability to open up a small house to create an airy feeling.

30X220mm super stripe porcelain mosaic Powder Blue CZO902DX

30X220mm super stripe porcelain mosaic Powder Blue CZO902DX

When it comes to the ideas of expand small apartment, someone might use the color contrast for the first time. Nonetheless, contrasting colors and shapes, different materials, and plenty of furnishings create visual breaks that stop your eyes, which make small spaces feel smaller on the contrary. Therefore, while decorating personal apartment too petite for your taste, amplify the perception of space by using light or neutral color assortment, compact furniture, and mosaic similar in color and the surface of the texture.

Recently, we received a customer’s feedback on her home decoration, here we share for you:

Jennifer, who has a small apartment, had finished her home renovation recently and shared some mosaic style interiors of her house where used our stripe tiles in kitchen and bedroom. “It works its magic in a variety of my home spaces, which create a visual illusion of additional space, as well as make my small apartment more exquisite!” she said excitedly.


detail of strip porcelain mosaic.jpg

Chip Size: 30X220mm; Sheet Size: 285X225mm

Thickness: 10.5mm; Gap: 5mm


Transforming spatial perceptions by setting light-colored wall tiles in vertical patterns that draw attention into and around a space. While installing the wall behind the bed, you’d better use fewer grout lines because the less the grout lines you use, the more seamless the visual flow. On the other hand, Jennifer keeps the mosaic patterns simple, tone on tone, and borderless to make sure eyes will move freely through the bedroom.

durable and long lasting porcelain mosaic in bedroom

In addition to the above mosaic style interiors, this mosaic can create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom, kitchen and every space in your house. Here’s a bathroom to use super stripe mosaic to stretch a room’s measurements.

Install Powder Blue Stripe Mosaic in Bathroom

Though many people prefer to choose large format tiles in home design, smaller stripe mosaic tiles are the preferred material for enhancing the sense of bathroom space. Cover wall, windowsill and shower enclosure with this mosaic that reflects light, which makes a small bathroom more wider and taller.

super stripe porcelain mosaic used in bathroom wall

The fewer things the eye has to process, the larger a bathroom will look. In order to combine with the washbasin back wall, Jennifer also installs it on the windowsill of the bathroom, which draws the eye down and into small spaces. She chooses the neutral white flooring tiles, which coordinates well with power blue strip mosaic. What’s more, if you have a cloakroom next to the bathroom, this article about something of cloakroom: Style Collection: Special Vermillion Porcelain Mosaic Tile Strips >>>

blue stripe with quality glaze

Install on the windowsill

After looking at Jennifer’s bathroom, we believe that adding a delicate rectangle bathroom tiles band in the small space will increase interest without reducing the illusion of a spacious environment.

Last but not least, not only through adding actual square footage to a small space with the installation of mosaic, but also choosing the suitable grout color and shape design that your room will grow larger.

5 optional color of stripe mosaic

If you have very interest in strip-shaped mosaic, we believe that this article might help you: Style Selection: Turquoise Green Finger Stackbone Strip Tile >>>

MM-mosaic, as a professional manufacturer and wholesaler, is preparing more knowledge about how to visually expand your personal apartment. Sharing your ideas or ordering some samples, you can contact us immediately! We would also love to hear what inspires you!