Manufactured stone cladding is alse called artificial stone cladding, culture stone, which is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mixing into rubbers and painting with coloring process, finally creating the imitation stone effects.

Following we are sharing a series of frequently asked questions and answes for manufactured stone veneer, read on and wish you can learn more about this product.

1. Whats the materials of manufactured stone veneer?

Different from natural stone, artificial culture stone is made of concrete, pumice stone, ceramsite and calcium silicate materials. By using man-made high technique, it features real stone texture, colors and touch, it looks like natural stone. High quality stone veneer is eco-friendly, lightweight, optional colors, highly resistant to wear, mold, non-combustible and easy to install.

Stone veneen can provide flexible shapes and colors, all can be customized. It can be classified into antique brick, rustic brick, weathered brick, ledge stone, cottage mixing stone, glossy cobbles, bluff stone, granite rock, etc. to fit different house styles.

2. Whats Benefits of Stone Veneer?

These artificial stone siding are widely applied in both new and old building projects, interior and exterior spaces. The reason why it sells best is that this product can be cutomized in any shapes, colors and styles. Especially for interior designers and builders, they want different special colors and stones, and undoubtedly stone veneer has met their demand.

Lightweight: The weight of the manufactured stone cladding is not heavy, 1/3-1/4 times of natural stone, the base of support is unnecessory.

Long lifespan: Its color will not fade away, resistant to corrosion and wearthering, high durability and low water-absorption rate, can stand the test of time.

Friendly to environment: Stone veneer features eco-friendly, non-smell, non-toxic, non-radioactive, sound-absorption and uninflammable.  

Easy to clean and maintain: Processing with the water-proof agent, the surface is resistant to stains and dust, you can clean it just with water, the maintenance costs you less energy and times.

Easy to install: Stone veneer is simple to lay, it can be sticked to the wall directly. That can reduce you a lot on installation fee.

3. Where can I use the artificial culture stone?

Culture stone is widely used in different places, such as bars, clubs, villas, restaurant and any high-end architecture projects. It is perfect to make a natural and vintage style. Artificial culture stone is getting popular in interior decoration in the recent years, you can find it used on background, fireplace, TV wall, kitchen, lobby. Etc.

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