Have you ever thought about adding intricate rug patterns to make walls and floors have style? If yes, you may want to consider mosaic tile medallion. Commonly made of stone and glass, it is an art form that people use to enhance a space easily from being mediocre to marvelous. Strong visual effect is achieved by its inherent features such as geometric patterns and floral elements. They are the two most popular motifs of tile medallion design. Follow the pace of MM-Mosaic in this article, we will recommend you two classic examples being applied in different settings.

What’s superb about tile medallions is that they are mostly unlimited to the places where you are going to use them. They are definitely versatile. You can see them in doorway, shower and even outdoor patio. They always offer a warm greeting before you enter your friend’s house; give you a deep impression that the hotel you have booked has a tasteful shower and enclose you with artistic atmosphere the instant you step on the patio and start to have a walk in the garden.

Mosaic medallions come in different sizes ranging from 8”x8” to 36”x36” for fitting smaller or bigger wall and floor decorations. Some tile companies also provide customized service so you can have that unparallel one. You may be wondering what makes these mosaic tile medallions so charming. MM-Mosaic would say the combination of complex patterns. Animals, plants, geometries and even meaningless lines and shapes can become basic elements of a piece of medallion mosaic tile art. What’s more, materials play a significant role. Different materials present distinct looks. Small chips of stone, glass and porcelain, though similar in look, have unique character. Each piece is the one and only in the world. According to multiple layouts, these small pieces are free to be combined in order to produce numerous patterns.

Attached stone floor medallion is just right sitting before the washstand, which acts as the highlight of this bathroom. Brown, khaki, beige and gray color lumps stay harmonious together and are very matching to the basic hue of this shower. Geometries and irregular broken shapes take a specific arrangement and result in a totem-like pattern from which we can make out star, rays and rounds. It is suggested sealing and waxing the stone medallion well for wear resistance and water proofing, because stone is porous and it is in shower where water will scatter invisibly.

a stone mosaic floor medallion decorated shower.jpg

Besides shower, lobby is another good place for tile medallion installation. As shown below, the tile medallion is surrounded by two kinds of marble floor tile. One is brown, the other is white. Both of them have beautiful natural marble texture. You may not know this is a fabulous way to blend tile medallion in your entrance especially as flooring. It looks like a rug from a distance. If you do not like a fluffy rug, then inserting a mosaic tile medallion. It is easy cleaning and looks more slap-up than adding a rug.

a marvelous lobby designed with stone floor medallion.jpg

stone mosaic tile floor medallion.jpg

geometric stone mosaic medallion KZO020SKS

Above mosaic medallion is used on floor and now we will take a example on wall. As mentioned before, plants and flowers is a popular motif of tile medallion, particularly floral patterns. Have you imagined if it is made of glass tile chip? The attached living room design will show you intuitively. By using glass, tile medallion is added with a glittering surface that stone medallion does not have. It is installed in the right middle of the wall and surrounded by rustic cement tile. How extraordinary the way you will be designing your wall is. Also, the owner installs wooden tile as flooring and some parts are decorated with wood element. It is inspiring that room design will not become messy by using so many different materials.

living room decorated with floral patterned glass mosaic tile art.jpg

There are another two applications. What about installing mosaic floor medallions right under your dinning table? It does not matter chairs block the medallion floor partially. On the contrary, looming floor pattern is far more interesting and can break tedium of the dinning area. Glass is durable and can endure busy traffic so you don’t worry your feet stepping on the tile medallion will cause fading. And the second picture is using mosaic medallion as bathroom flooring. The washstand is covering part of the mosaic tile art, like integrating in the whole set of washing accessories including washing machine, counter, mirror, etc.

dinning area decorated with flower patterned glass tile medallion.jpg

bathroom decorated with glass tile mosaic medallion.jpg

glittering medallion glass mosaic flooring.jpg

floral glass mosaic medallion KZ016MY

Read passages above you are suppose to know how to use tile medallion for home decoration. These two are the classic examples of geometric and floral patterned mosaic medallion. For more trendy mosaic tile arts, you are free to contact MM-Mosaic. We have many different designs of mosaic tile murals for sale. Welcome customized order.