Are you looking for wall tile ideas for your inner room remodel? Wall tile is usually installed as a backsplash, feature wall or simple decoration in kitchen, shower and where you don’t want it white painted or plastered. Note that wall tile is different from floor tile, in the way of performance and installation. Rather than taking emphasis on durability and load-bearing, wall tile gives priority to aesthetic value and moisture-resistance. Also, you might think wall tile is as easily installed as floor tile. The truth is that wall tile needs more skillful hand. Wall tile will begin slipping downward if not securely attached because of the outside force of gravity. Often, wall tile that is made from heavier materials like natural stone is harder for DIY tilers.  

There are many more things to consider – material, price, design, installation difficulty and even shipment if you opt for online purchasing. However, design should be placed ahead for it is important to ensure substituted tiles work out great result with the existing design elements. Below attached 10 wall tiles that are applied to different backgrounds and settings. Fresh inspirations are aroused here. Hope this is a good start for your remodel project. 

Set Basic Tone For Balance

In the impression of most people, kid rooms are always filled with colors. That makes sense. One is that colorful room looks childish; the other is that multiple color lumps are great to develop kids’ vision sense. Combining lots of colors within limited space, on the one had, is activated; on the other hand, you may be nervous about the out-of-place messy look. Set the basic tone like pure white is essential here. The reason why bedroom design attached below looks so harmonious is that it uses white rhombus mosaic tiles as backsplash and keeps some parts pure blank.

rhombus ceramic mosaic wall tile kid room.jpg

glossy white rhombus mosaic tile.jpg

rhombus mosaic tiles white CZG231ML

Use Palette of Mother Nature

Many interior designers often look to nature for inspirations. Colors like sky blue, dust grey, rust brown can always make home look effortlessly natural. If you think using single one color lump is tedious, then try blended colors. It is time to go bold. How about mixing light blue and bright yellow and half blend them to appear a transitional color amid? This turns out a wonderful penny mosaic tile blend, which can be largely used on wall as the attached bedroom design shows.

blue yellow blend penny tile for bedroom.jpg

penny round tile mosaic.jpg

light blue yellow penny tile blend CZG003A

Create Character With Black

Solid black is bypassed by many homeowners because they think it is unmanageable in interior decorating. They often encounter the dilemma of not figuring out how to make black hue become a part of the integrated design. Sometimes they even think black will darken the space. In their opinion, black will look forced no matter it is partly or thoroughly used on wall. Yet, there is misapprehension about black. If used properly, black will do its best to present its charm and become the highlight effortlessly.

black decorative tile strips for kitchen backsplash.jpg

glazed black strip mosaic tile.jpg

black strip mosaic tiles CZG109HA

Sparing Use Of Colors

Scandinavian style is a big fan of using colors as little as possible. It stands for people’s attitude towards life – live simply and purely. The style is known for keeping most part of the design whitewashed while perfecting the look by adding subtle details. Again, white is a good choice. The only trick that we play on the white is to adding elegant arabesque lantern shape. Attached moroccan white lantern mosaic tiles half cover the wall and keep a little higher than the headboard. Two drawings show the artistic taste of the owner. They are hanging precisely on the top. 

moroccan white lantern tile for bedroom wall decoration.jpg

white lantern shaped mosaic tile.jpg

white lantern mosaic tile CZG201Z

Shape, Pattern & Texture

As tile companies keep seeking new tile design ideas, homeowners never stop to search unique tile for their home personalized upgrade. Here is a new tile that has three-in-one effect. It makes the best of shape, pattern and texture. Infrequent cross shape, the pattern when many of them combine and the wavy tile surface, this tile features with these three points, creating an extraordinary accent wall. It is versatile and can be used in any corner.

unque white cross shaped design tile for wall.jpg

white cross shaped ceramic wall tile.jpg

cross shaped white wall tiles CZG204JM

New Expression Of Modern Style

Combination of black and white is a great representation of modern style. It is seen in many contemporary house design. The strong contrast between black and white create an unexpected balance of extreme palette, which is tasteful and eye catching. It is suggested adding marbled element. As the attached kitchen backsplash shows, marble countertop extends up to the wall as a border. The result we have seen is quite good.

black white hex mosaic tile for kitchen wall.jpg

black white hexagon mosaic tile sheet.jpg

black and white mosaic CZM059Y

Embrace Simplest Elements

The simplest is the best. It is a permanent quote of Scandinavian style. Yet, it doesn’t mean all things should be washed white. It is absolutely more than that. Instead, we can add some warm tone with beige penny tile installed on wall. And it is not limited in kitchen and bathroom. Reading corner is a good choice.

warm tone penny round tile for wall.jpg

beige penny tile mosaic.jpg

off white penny round mosaic tile CZO920Y

Use 3D Design For Dimensional Interest

Mosaic tiles with three-dimensional design are getting increasingly popular in house decoration. These tiles often show with a diamond-cutting surface, which, if taken with a glaze coat, will reflect light from different directions. If the tile is material blended, then the visual effect it exerts will be far more appealing. Take the attached hex mosaic tile for example. It is stone-glass mixed and made in a 3d design, which looks fabulous as a decorative background in living room.

3d design hex mosaic tile.jpg

glass stone mosaic tile hexagon shaped.jpg

glass and stone mosaic tile HZH047NY

Add Glamour With Dainty Details

Premium material is a key for a mosaic tile shines and outstands. As technique develops, mosaic tiles made of different materials work out the best appearance. Attached fan shaped mosaic tile looks luxury and this should owe to the quality material and progressed technique. It keeps the natural beauty of stone, glass and ceramic.

luxury fish scale tile for bedroom wall.jpg

fan shaped mosaic tile glass stone ceramic.jpg

fan shaped mosaic tile HZH047OYG

Dusty Hues Present Understated Mood

Have you ever though about using cement look tile on wall? As usually, cement look tile is used as flooring in office, restaurant and other business places. However, some big fans of cement element would like to take a bold step creating industrial cool style at home. Generally, grey decorated space will easy me and help you stay calm. Sometimes it does good to your mental health.

grey cement look tile for wall decor.jpg

cement look porcelain wall tile.jpg

cement look porcelain tile WSD6603K

If you are ready to have your house remodeled and want more information on these or other wall tile trends, then contact us, MM-Mosaic, a premium mosaics tile company based in mainland China, so we can get you closer to your dream interior design by recommending the most suitable tile products.