Just thinking about how you would love to hold a party in a nicely embellished space. The ambience is so important. And how to make it unforgettable is the focus you want to figure out. Besides flexible decorations, choosing a right place is significant. No one takes it for granted in a messy unclean place a hearty gathering will come up. Your house needs earnestly a revolution if it’s lack of highlight somewhere. Porcelain mosaic tiles can help you achieve this goal. Following are three distinguished examples showing you the resistless magic.

First, open kitchen with a long bar counter and table is absolutely good for organizing a small party. Though you may think Nordic kitchen doesn’t even come close to a festive party site, it’s still possible and will provide a cozy dinning environment instead. As Nordic style takes essence of simplicity, it needs something eye-catching to kindle. Decorative lighting is one of them. As shown in the attached kitchen backsplash, house owner hangs several star-shape lights to enhance the festive ambience. Some are reflective papers. They are cheap and you even can have a parent-child time for DIY lights just as those you see twined around Christmas tree. They make the plain Carrara marble white porcelain mosaic back splash outstanding.

porcelain long hexagon tile for kitchen backsplash.jpg

porcelain mosaic that look like carrara marble.jpg

white marble porcelain tile CZO954Y

A hot mosaic wall always wins flavor in a seething gathering. If you were the organizer who takes charge deciding the place for dinner party, you will tend to choose somewhere decorate with festive colors. Many clubs and restaurants are luxury, either showing blinking decors or built based on bold backgrounds. These places are no way making everyone enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave. Speaking of luxury decoration, the attached finger stackbond porcelain mosaic is assuredly fabulous. It has fambe effect vermillion surface with tiny black dots, which seems rustic and vintage. In a restaurant tiled with this unique mosaic, you will be like immersing into a big wine bucket, drunk and intoxicated.

vermillion finger stackbond mosaic tile wall.jpg

wine color finger porcelain mosaic tile sheet.jpg

mosaic wall tiles kitchen CZO401Z

A wonderful party time could be celebrating your little princess’s birthday. Fairytale world gives us impression of love, innocence and sincerity, and pink color can be the representative color. Pink is warm, youthful and energetic. Girls love being surrounded by the pink sea. Just think outside the box. Why don’t you try to hold a balloon party in your bathroom? That well decorated with pink element bathroom? As the attached site picture shows, small pink square porcelain mosaic is tiled around the whole self-built rectangular bathtub. It’s adorable and greatly improves the atmosphere. Kids and adults will laugh and sing all night. What a perfect birthday party!

lovely pink bathroom design.jpg

small pink wall tile mosaic for shower.jpg

pink square mosaic tiles CIG410B

House decorating matters a lot if you want to invite friends for party sometimes. And the improvement is easy to get. Adding flexible decors is one of them. But MM-Mosaic thinks it should be a long-term thing that needs your forward looking. We mean a detailed plan before your house start to get embellished. Of course, a remodel can be helpful too if there is small part ready to be changed. That way you may think about replacing your wall tiles with porcelain mosaics. That will be so great as it’s relatively cheap and labor saving. Contact MM-Mosaic if you have any need. We’re a premium mosaic tile company with over 10-year experience in providing market-oriented mosaic tile products. Factory price and faster delivery here.