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Kit kat might be a children’s best thing, but our kit kat can be everyone’s best thing! This creative tile shape is gaining ground in the tile design world and with great reason. With so many colors and sizes of tile out there, it is hard to know exactly what to pick. We are here to help narrow it down and introduce our new Kit Kat Family. Always eye-catching, the finger tile shape can be used in many ways. Here is the scoop on this magical family...

kit kat tile

With our stunning Kit Kat Tile collection expanding, we wanted to celebrate by looking back on some of our favorite spaces featuring the wall tiles. Amazing, versatile, and appealing, they have been used beautifully in a variety of interior spaces, from modern style to vintage-chic visual feeling. We are pretty sure you are going to love them just as much as we do.

Metallic Collection

Thanks to recent advancements in mosaic tile technology, it is now easier than ever to mimic the nuanced tile look and feel of handmade tile in more low-maintenance and durable materials. We are diving into all things handmade-look finger tile and showing you some of our favorite metallic collections.

metallic strip mosaic tile

Gold and Stacked

One of the most notable features of this new finger tile is its beautiful surface color variation. While a conventional mosaic tile tends to display the same consistent, even-colored body throughout, a handmade kit kat tile will often showcase its layers of richness with a few varying shades. Our new handmade metallic look finger tiles are a stunning example of this feature - while each chip of ceramic is from the same batch, their metallic gold hue deviates from tile to tile, making a slight sparkling effect.

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Featured Product: Metallic Gold Kit Kat ZOH3901

Warm Vibes

While bright white colors and cool hue grays are a tried-and-true choice, there’s been a definite shift towards warmer and mild color tones recently. Round mirror, golden fittings, and eye-catching metallic gold finger wall tiles are quickly becoming the new go-to tones for the cozy vibe they instantly lend to bathroom vanity wall decoration.

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bathroom vanity wall decor

Kit Kat Make a Statement

Whether you tile a partial or full kitchen backsplash, pick a color that will make it a statement. Kit Kat Tiles stand on their own, no need to sugarcoat this tile shape with an exquisite design. Let the wall pop even more by contrasting the rest of the interior with the natural atmosphere.

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gold kitchen backsplash wall tile

Retro Silver

With this subtle, one-of-a-kind dimension in each mosaic tile, walls and floors come alive with beautiful movement. Each silver-tone mosaic chip in our Kit Kat Tile collection is sized and glazed by our professional workers, giving it incomparable depth, variation, and pattern. Use them to frame mosaics, fill the main interior space in a backsplash or shower, or play with surface change and patterns for added character.

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metallic silver finger tile

Featured Product: Metallic Brass Kit Kat ZOH3902

Small Finger Tile

For those who love a more detailed look or have a smaller kitchen backsplash to cover, small kit kat tile could be the best option for you in our new collection guide. A smaller version of our Kit Kat Tile, these shapes of tile can be used with many changes to create a unique look.

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stacked mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

A Bathroom Inspo

The bathroom can be a perfect place to create a stunning backdrop that will uplift you in the morning and relax you after a long work day. This black accent wall uses our metallic silver color kit kat tiles to add a pop of color to this contemporary and minimalist bathroom.

bathroom accent wall

Monochromatic Palettes

Select a monochromatic color scheme to make unique variations with your kit kat tile installation. This is a perfect option if you like glaze color but want to balance that with a complicated aesthetic. You can order sample packs on our tile product page or contact us page. If there is something else you are looking for simply reach out to our team and we will put in a custom order for your option.

 finger tile

Get Inspired?

Whether you are looking to add Finger Tile to your entryway accent, shower, or kitchen backsplash, MM-Mosaic is here to help you along the way. Why not tell us your design ideas and visions, and we will get the kiln fired up and ready to go. Order tile samples to see and touch right now! You might fall in love with our exquisite handmade tiles and we’re so happy to hear what inspires you.