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Surprised? Have you ever seen silver-tone tiles also perform well in interior space? Not only bring character to bathroom, kitchen space or essentially any other space in your home.

Stand Out From Your Neighbors

If there is a space in your home where you want it to stunning and attractive, let it be paved in current trendy tiles. With glossy brick bond silver tones, you can transform your unimpressive space into a unique area. Would you like to keep things creative and shine in special tones? Are you hoping to add vitality to your space with silver hues and an energetic example? We’ve prepared some interior design examples with those tones:

the details of mosaic tiles

Featured Product: 23x48mm Glossy Finish Silver Brickbond ZOA3904

Silver Hues Backsplash

Are you working on a backsplash project? Are you unsure of which of our tile tones are best suited for the job? It doesn't matter if you're an active person or a composed person, silver-tone can cater to you. People always say that silver color can draw negative energy out of your mind and replace it with positive energy. No one wants to keep negative emotions while cooking, therefore, silver hues backsplash can not only make you happier visually while making the meals but can also prevent oil pollution from stain your wall.

The brick bond shape offers a classic shape backsplash, learning more ways to play with creative backsplash ideas for your home with our post ”Approaching Autumn Touch Kitchen Backsplashes Mosaic”

silver tone backsplash

Make Pure Wall Repeating Brilliance

If you’re looking for the detail of porcelain mosaic while sticking with a timeless appearance, our 23x48mm silver glossy brick bond is a wonderful option. This silver surface has different shiny variation, meaning, depending on what types of light the mosaic tiles reflects. From different directions, it will have a slightly different silver hue, which results in making the common white wall repeating brilliance. Just like the below design show, elegant silver tiles combine with minimalist gray hues paint and brown cabinet, all of these elements complete a modern and industrial style living room.

Check out for another golden tones materials for your interior project, read on our blog "New Arrival Bling Bling Glossy Mix Matte Golden Porcelain Mosaic”

wholesale silver tiles used in living room

Get Any Ideas?

As a professional tile supplier, MM-Mosaic is keeping on innovating creative and stunning tones products. Why not leave your helpful ideas below or contact us for some samples to touch directly? We’re waiting for your interesting plan!