When it comes to interior design homes with peel and stick tiles, MM-Mosaic is preparing to share more useful ideas for you. Last week, we’ve introduced our new arrival peel and stick mosaic tiles but we’ve received some reader's messages that they want to know more about where can they install this wall tiles. Go head reading this blog, we will tell you that everywhere in your home can use it, such kitchen backsplash, bathroom, living room or even little corner:

white self adhesive subway tiles

Decorating With Strips

Strips are having a major moment in home wall decoration, and it’s not hard to see why. A versatile shape, strips can inspire a visual feeling or make a moody, newfangled statement. From light browns to middle tones to dark palettes, we love decorating walls with mix colors strips peel and stick tiles, especially in the kitchens.

Whether you’re into a trendy and cozy appearance, like this kitchen from our projects, or you opt for more natural wood colors of strips, these chic and beautiful strips wall decors prove that it’s truly a perfect shape for every space.

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cheap peel and stick backsplash

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Wow! Layer Shades of Browns

This charming and creative kitchen backsplash with farmhouse feeling proves that you don’t have to settle for just on shape of strips in your kitchen wall designs. The mix color strips combine beautifully with the tableware and solid teak wood countertop and bring a tranquil vibe. Like soil hues, fallen leaves palettes or wood fence colors, Blend browns make the spaces more natural. When decorating with brown, make sure your other kitchen utensils and cabinetry, and look for tones of the same color that complement.

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kitchen backsplash with self adhesive wall tiles

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Giving Fun Decor

If you think blend browns peel and stick strip tiles are too trendy for your kitchen backsplash, think again. This clam and peaceful kitchen from our designer shows that mix brown colors can be a contemporary and stable hue. We all love using stain-resistant and durable backsplash material for easy installation, just like peel and stick.

Mix natural wood palettes bring in serene vibes and the feeling of going back to natural or grandfather’s farmhouse. Moreover, these wall tiles are also a great option for open concept kitchen spaces because it pairs well with your wooden dining table and chairs.

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blend brown peel and stick strip tiles as backsplash

Featured Product: Peel and Stick PVC Finger Mosaic Tile ZOD6002-PS

A Glamour Chevron

If you want to embrace your interiors, try a brighter and eye-catching palette or shape of Chevron peel and stick tiles, like this light color wall decor in the living room. With marble pattern and chic chevron shape, these wall tiles are packed with individuality and makes for a nice choice in the fashionable house. This light hue feels cheerful and pleasant, and while it’s not at all a light color, it has a glamour dark tones marbling.

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cheap peel and stick tiles for living room accent wall

Featured Product: Peel and Stick PVC Chevron Mosaic Tile ZOD6007-PS

Brings Cozy Vibes

Carrara white is one of those palettes that can play as a neutral in certain light. Checking out this accent wall in the living room features a cozy, soft Carrara white that is bright and breezy, but still gives a punch of palette to this space. Here it’s combined with different light colors for an appealing look, but it also performs well with other living room furniture.

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self adhesive mosaic tile for home decor

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Back to Marbling

If you’re a homeowner who prefers to marble texture but has no intention of choosing the real marble for your wall decoration, why not consider peel and stick wall tiles? Just peel the transparent film and stick it to the walls, you will get the modern look that you want.

It’s time to back to natural marbling and embrace natural tones. This accent wall for the living room features soil colors with a natural base that looks wonderful when paired with this unique designed solid table.

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marble pettern peel and stick wall tiles

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Do Something Change

Bored with your entryway wall decor? Why not do something change? This modern accent walls are consist of peel and stick chevron mosaic tiles, featuring a lifelike marble pattern that’s almost like the real one, but not true. This shape and pattern are perfect for a contemporary look, and pairs beautifully with your characteristic white paint wooden shoe cabinet. By the way, adding greenery and special teacup might be a great idea! Just like these walls show that:

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7 peel and stick chevron mosaic tiles ZOD6007-PS.jpg

Featured Product: Peel and Stick PVC Chevron Mosaic Tile ZOD6007-PS

Hexagon? Mix Marbling?

Did you think of your small corner design? It can be a difficult job to settle on wall decor for the little corner, where you’re reading or have afternoon tea. Maybe you have no plan to make a big job for this little space, but you can utilize this wall decor material with lightweight and easy for DIY.

Made of PVC and silicone, peel and stick wall tiles not only have a trendy and charming look but easy to install in any spaces and save labor force and money. With natural marbling, it adds a calming atmosphere in your little corner and combines well with your small wood table.

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peel and stick hexagon marbling mosaic tiles

Featured Product: Peel and Stick PVC Hexagon Mosaic Tile ZOD6006-PS

Keep Stairs Riser Traditional

Decor stairs don’t have to be bold or offbeat. Natural wooden tones of wall tiles can transform your old staircase without plenty of money. These two-toned light wood board and mix browns peel and stick also works well in these interiors. The browns and natural teak palette style blends seamlessly with this modern home space while helping to break up the monotonous white paint.

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Stairs Riser with self adhesive mosaic tiles

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Pair With Brass

This attractive bathroom proves that only classic black and white combination is how well it pairs with together. Adding a brass tones light or the simplest fittings to your fashion-forward bathroom is a great way to marry the wall tiles with the whole bathroom design, and helps take the minimalist feeling even further.

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peel and stick bathroom tile

Featured Product: 1MM Thickness Peel and Stick PVC Subway Mosaic Tile ZOD8201-PS

Go Subway

While the side of a bar space is looking for some visual impact beyond a basic coat of wall decors, look no further than trusty peel and stick subway tile in pure white. Like this case, this white subway tiles are installed in the striking place, contrasting with dark tones of surrounding and making your bar space being the focus.

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commercial project with subway peel and stick mosaic tile

Featured Product: 1MM Thickness Peel and Stick PVC Subway Mosaic Tile ZOD8201-PS

Get Inspired?

Are you fall in love with this peel and stick wall tiles? Order some high-quality tile samples to touch and feel its soft surface in person? As an experienced tile manufacturer, MM-Mosaic is glad to hear your further home decoration plans and willing to give some help to your project, don’t hesitate to share with us!